Maintenance and Repair

Professional Maintenance & Repair

Sterling Service of Florida is here to solve your HVAC problems. Let's make sure your climate control system is at its best!

Tallahassee's Best Air Conditioner Maintenance & Repair Team

Is your air conditioner acting up?

Well, you are in luck, as Sterling Service of Florida is here to help!

First things first, is your air conditioner showing these signs of needing repair:

  • Poor Or Weak Airflow
  • Leaks Or Drafts
  • Inaccurate Thermostat
  • Odd Noises
  • Strange Smells

With Sterling Service of Florida, our goal is to never have to worry about the quality of service you will receive. Our highly skilled and respectable technicians will always put your comfort needs first. Treat you with absolute care and respect, and clean up any messes made in the process. Finally, we will always provide you with upfront pricing and inform you of all your options.

Tallahassee's Best Heating Maintanence & Repair Team

There is nothing worse than a malfunctioning heating unit when the weather gets cold. Sterling Service of Florida will be there to fix your climate system in a timely manner.

Watch out for these signs that your unit needs repairs:

  • Age Is Between 10-20 Years
  • Higher Than Normal Energy Bill
  • Innaccurate Thermostat
  • Poor Air Quality or Burning Smell
  • Odd Noises

We get it! If a heating emergency arises, you’ll need the best service – fast! Sterling Service of Florida will do everything within our power to serve you in a timely and efficient manner. Our team puts our customers first, and will always provide you with upfront pricing and inform you of all your options.


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Warranty & Maintenance

Air Conditioning Repair and Service

Quick HVAC repair is what we do best! With skilled and certified AC technicians, Sterling Service of Florida provides air conditioning services and repair packages that are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We repair all makes and models of any A/C unit. Knowing how troublesome problems related to your home comfort can be, we are available Monday-Friday to provide air conditioning repair and services. Our team will make sure your AC unit is up and running quickly and efficiently. Call our office now and get the best services in Tallahassee from Sterling Service of Florida’s HVAC technicians right away.

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For AC repair in Tallahassee FL, we accept most major credit cards.
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